Tot Visit to Real Museum – HIGH Museum of Art Atlanta

While certainly I am a big fan of children’s museum’s. I also strongly believe that babies, toddlers, and children of all ages should see the real thing. We took our daughter Charm (hence the name for the site) who is three years old and will turn four at the end of this month to the HIGH Museum of Art Atlanta. This was actually not her first visit to the HIGH but as she grows older I feel she can now enjoy the experience more.

We took the time to explain a few of the exhibits to Charm. Interesting she became very inline with learning about cultural and practices. Charm pointed out that sculptures were not clothed and of course recognized certain body parts!

Continuing we took Charm to the museums playroom and she was amazed! Finally she had an opportunity to actually touch exhibits and play. How cool is that! The HIGH museum thought of everything. After our long day at the museum we treated Charm to her favorite, pizza!

You can take children to museums you just have to consider the visit will be all about them. It was so much fun to see Charm’s reactions, very priceless.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time!

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