The IT List: Where to Find Adult High-end Fashions for Children

Are you searching for high-end fashions from some of the best adult fashion designers for your child? Well the search is over because we have all the information you need! Want to dress your kids in famous adult fashion labels? How about Burberry or Marc Jacobs for kids!

The IT list of adult high-end fashion labels for kids and adults.

1. Burberry


Burberry, the name conjures up two images, the infamous Nova Check print and their ever-fashionable trench coats. But, Burberry is so much more. Glamorous men and women have been indulging in this coveted brand since the mid 1800s, giving Burberry not just “street cred”, but international notoriety. Their designs are classic yet modern and always sophisticated.

Lucky kids can dress themselves in the same classic designs that Mom and Dad love, for there is plenty of Nova Check to go around. From the iconic trench coats to Nova Check lined denim, you are sure to find something special in the Burberry Kids line.

Buy Burberry Kids direct at: and

2. Little Marc


Possibly the most sought-after of American designers, Marc Jacobs makes amazing fashions for men and women. His collection line is luxurious and his casual line, Marc by Marc Jacobs, is a huge success. So what’s Marc to do next? That’s right, start a kids’ line. I adore Marc Jacob’s and I equally adore his line of kids’ clothes sweetly called, Little Marc.

Little Marc concentrates on the delicate balance of style, quality and comfort. He unabashadly uses cashmere in his kids’ clothes, so there’s no mistaking this as a luxury line. Many of the looks mimic his adult fashions, but they are all age appropriate. For a more affordable taste of the brand, pick up a totally cool Little Marc tee.

Buy Little Marc direct at Neiman Marcus.

3. Juicy Couture


Comfort craving style mavens just can’t get enough of their Juicy sweatsuits. But, Juicy Couture’s line reaches far beyond their signature lounge suits, in fact, they have a complete line of lounge and casual wear for women, men and girls.

For kids, the mini-versions of the Juicy suits are just as cool and comfy as Mom’s. And, they come in a variety of cuts, colors and fabrics so she can be Juicy cool all year round. Cozy princesses just love Juicy Couture graphic tees which feature bold and sassy sayings such as, “Juicy Heiress”, “Drama Queen” and “Eat Cake Wear Juicy”. Don’t overlook their other fashionable offers like denim, swimwear, boys’ tees and accessories.

Buy Juicy Couture Girls direct at

4. Tory Burch


Tory Burch is one of America’s newest, youngest, hottest fashion designers. Her double “T” logo is instantly recognizable and seen all over some of the best dressed women. Burch’s style is a nod toward vintage bohemian styles, but modernized for today’s lifestyles.

For kids, she’s turned up the color, but kept the well-cut lines. Her children’s line is small but fun and funky. The tunics are triumphant and the terry shorts are a throwback to those I wore as a child of the 70s.

Buy Tory Burch’s kids’ line direct at

5. J. Crew’s Crewcuts


Men and women have relied on their local J. Crew to provide them with causal yet smart weekend wear and casual attire since 1989. Their staples such as the J. Crew Legacy Blazer and their Chinos have become iconic American classics.

Recently, J. Crew has added a children’s line, Crewcuts. The line follows closely in the J. Crew tradition and features styles that are heavily borrowed from the adult line. In fact, J. Crew claims that the Crewcuts line is “the clothes you love…(slightly smaller).” Unlike many other brands, Crewcuts has full line for boys with plenty of great choices. Don’t miss Crewcut’s line of kids’ formal wear for weddings and parties.

Buy Crewcuts direct at

6. Dolce & Gabbana


Dolce & Gabbana is the fashion label of choice for the person who wants to be recognized. At times wild and always indulgent, D&G is not for the faint of heart. D&G clothing and accessories are smattered with the D&G logo and are often a showcase of color. Wearing Dolce & Gabbana is the best way to feel like a rock star.

Fashion forward kids with a lot of attitude and a good helping of brand consciousness can deck themselves out in D&G Junior sportswear, outerwear and basics.

Buy D&G Junior direct at

7. American Apparel


Possibly the most affordable clothing line to ever be in demand by the fashion elite, American Apparel is a totally new concept in casual wear. All of their items are made in downtown LA in a positive, non-sweatshop environment. The line consists of mainly solid-colored cotton basics. But, don’t think for a second that the American Apparel line is boring. It’s not. It’s stuffed with amazing colors and great cuts, to create truly American casual wear.

American Apparel did not forget the kids, because who needs quality, comfy, fun and funky casual wear more than kids? Their kids’ line is nearly directly translated from the adult line and is just as wearable and affordable.

Buy American Apparel for kids direct at

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