Liviu Tudoran the New It Baby Stroller For 2010

Just when you thought that all strollers for babies were created equal. Here comes a baby stroller that offers entertainment and high quality safety features. Now you can stroll through life with comfort and peace of mind.

Developed by Designer Liviu Tudoran this state of the art baby stroller has compact size and adjustable height, it becomes convenient to handle the stroller without adjusting your position. Featuring the protective textile material to cover your baby’s delicate skin from the harmful UV rays, it also has projectors and speakers to help your child sleep, as well as to keep him/her entertained. The stroller comes fitted to a center pivot to make the main body swing to give your loved one your personalized attention.

Via Bornrich and Coroflot

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  1. This is another very important accessory for new born baby. It helps parents to go out, shop, travel and exercise easily.

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