Whole Foods Market Future Customer In Training Experience for Children

Here is a great idea for a healthy fieldtrip that includes fun and education. Our four year old Charm (hence the website namesake) loves taking trips to Whole Foods Market. So we decide to offer our fun and healthy fieldtrip tips for children everywhere!
The great thing about Whole Foods Market is that kids can learn about the importance of healthy diet! We are what we eat and what we eat influences the world plus our health.
Before we ever engaged Charm to start shopping at Whole Foods Market we educated her on the company.
Whole Foods Market’s vision of a sustainable future means our children and grandchildren will be living in a world that values human creativity, diversity, and individual choice. Businesses will harness human and material resources without devaluing the integrity of the individual or the planet’s ecosystems. Companies, governments, and institutions will be held accountable for their actions. People will better understand that all actions have repercussions and that planning and foresight coupled with hard work and flexibility can overcome almost any problem encountered. It will be a world that values education and a free exchange of ideas by an informed citizenry; where people are encouraged to discover, nurture, and share their life’s passions.
According to the company, “At Whole Foods Market, we are starting to implement this new vision of the future by changing the way we think about the relationships between our food supply, the environment, and our bodies.”
Information provide via Whole Foods 
Charm loves, loves having her very own Whole Foods shopping cart. The small sized shopping carts are designed for little ones to shop at Whole Foods Market and take part in the shopping experience. Charm often has a list of items that she likes and is allowed to purchase items from her list.
After a day of healthy shopping and learning, Charm is rewarded with a healthy lunch from Whole Foods Market. Most often she opts to have a healthy pizza break. Keep in mind the lunches are all organic and healthy so it is a win-win.
Pardon this look, this is when she is told it is time to go home and return her Customer In Training shopping cart!

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