Floral Prints Hot Looks for Girls Spring Summer 2010

In search of what will be fashionable for girls for Spring Summer 2010 comes up pretty! You can expect girls to look like girly girls dressed in floral prints. And it is about time.

If we look at the spring summer collection 2010 for girls, we can definitly pick up a new look for girls. This summer will be filled with flower prints, light coloured jeans, neutral shirts. It’s a hippie kind of style, with an attitude. The predominant colours are white, different shades of blue, red and yellow.The boys will also have a touch of flower prints in their clothes. The look that comes with this trend is a casual, relaxed one and also very optimistic. Coloured jeans jackets are fashionable again as well. Sandals and fabric boots work perfect for this collection.

Source Miniglam.com

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