Child Friendly Hotels: When to Bring Children to a Luxury Hotel

Traveling to a luxury hotel is great when you’re a single person, but what if you are a traveling with children? Going to a luxury hotel with children can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to enjoy your time alone. If you do need to bring children with you to a luxury hotel, there are plenty of things that you can do so that you’ll all enjoy yourselves!

First of all, bring someone with you to the luxury hotel if you can. If you’ve got more than one child, or even just one, bring someone along with you to help you to take care of this kids. This will give you the time to slip away and enjoy a romantic dinner and will actually give your babysitter the chance to enjoy a luxury hotel that they may not have been able to afford otherwise. A teenaged babysitter is a good idea, as they usually don’t have many other plans, and they will not be as likely to want to get away and do things on their own and will, instead, stay in the luxury hotel.

Most luxury hotel establishments have babysitting services that you can use These babysitting services at luxury hotels all hire the best babysitters in the area, so that they can let others know that they hire trustworthy people. It is fine to ask to meet the babysitter at the luxury hotel ahead of time so that you know that you can trust them, and don’t feel ashamed to ask to see their credentials.

If you’re going to a luxury hotel that is in a major city, try to carve out some family fun time. There are tons of things that you can do outside of the luxury hotel with your children, including going to museums and hitting a park or two. It may be hard to carve out a few hours, but doing so will make your children much happier to spend time with the babysitter, whoever you get or bring with you, and will give you the time you need outside of the luxury hotel to attend to business or to sightsee on your own.

Enjoy time in the room together! Luxury hotels have tons of great things that you can do in the hotel room itself, and if they know that you’re bringing kids along with you, ask them what accommodations they have in place for children who are traveling to the luxury hotel with their parents. Often you can get them to install video game systems and to bring in some great DVD’s for your kids to watch in the luxury hotel room when you’re trying to have a few minutes of peace and quiet in your own room.

The idea of bringing children to a luxury hotel seems a bit frightening, especially when you’re a single parent or one who isn’t used to entertaining children at a hotel. But most luxury hotels, however, go out of their way to accommodate people, no matter if they’re single or a parent, so make sure you as your concierge if there is anything they can recommend that you do whenever you have children along with you at a luxury hotel.

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