Child Friendly Hotels: Ritz-Carlton Buckhead Afternoon Tea Real Deal

Building upon memories is what makes childhood fun. On Saturday our little Charm hosted an Afternoon tea party at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia with three very special friends. The wonderful experience that we received from the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead is now why we plan to make afternoon tea a ritual routine for building more precious memories.
If you read this blog often you already know that Charm is four years old and was created just for her. Two of the girls attending the afternoon tea also are four years old and an older girl nine. All of the young girls really enjoyed their tea experience. The Ritz-Carlton gets an A+ for being a superior child friendly hotel. You can always host an afternoon tea at a Ritz-Carlton in your area.
When organizing your afternoon tea remember dress attire should be appropriate, make sure the girls look very classy. Age should never be a reason for foregoing proper dress attire. This afternoon tea was held at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead, not pretend but the real thing! Adding moms to the mix really makes it fun for building memorable times for parents and children.
It is important to train the child on proper tea etiquette! YES even at four years old.

Ritz-Carlton Buckhead Afternoon Tea – Child serving
Ritz-Carlton Buckhead Afternoon Tea – Adult serving

Ritz-Carlton Buckhead Afternoon Tea Experience!

Building lasting little memories and friendships

Ritz-Carlton Buckhead Spring 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia! What a way to end spring break week!

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