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Every now and then someone comes along with a really good idea. But for Babies, this may be the smartest and not to overlook chic idea on the planet. A voice for Babies! From a brand committed to babies’ needs. You guessed it right, Huggies!

With the launch of, Huggies is liberating babies to express their strong opinions across the web – in their own voice.

Meet the Baby Bloggers

“I’m squealing with delight to join a few of my toddler friends in the blogging community, including Bash N. Poo, Tattle Tot and Baby J. Nuborn,” said popular fashion baby blogger Tutu Couture. “Finally, I have a platform to share my fabulous style sense with millions of babies, and I can’t wait to help other little ones shape their style.” Tutu Couture joins three other bloggers, including Baby J. Nuborn – host of “Shape the Nation” on the Baby News Network – on the site to supply quick quips for babies’ most pressing “need to knows” including:

Bash N. Poo

Bash N. Poo has been a music critic since his Mom made him listen to complaint rock in the womb. From infant indie, to alt country, to toddler techno, he knows what music will get you crawling and what will put you to sleep – including lullabies’ Top 40.

Tattle Tot

Who’s crawling the red carpet? Who’s play-grouping with whom? Get the latest in celeb-baby news from Tattle Tot, who always keeps her ear to the ground to pacify your need for baby gossip.

Baby J. Nuborn

Babies deserve the facts. Baby J. Nuborn has built his extremely brief career by reporting the national news stories babies need to hear on, holding diapers accountable for the shapes they put around our tushies.

Tutu Couture

Covering everything from the shapely fit of your diaper to the outrageous frilly outfits Mom picks out for you, Tutu Couture is your enfant en vogue. She’s here to cover the do’s and don’ts of baby fashion and prevent those wardrobe malfunction temper tantrums.

In addition to, visit for more information via the Baby News Network, as well as all Huggies products and promotions. Follow Huggies brand on Twitter ( and connect on Facebook ( to chat with other parents and babies, about the latest and greatest news of the day.

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