It Item The Junior Gaultier Girls Denim Sequin Jacket

Okay when it comes to children fashion designers Junior Gaultier is to children what  Louis Vuitton represents for luxury. The most talked about hot It item is the stylish Junior Gaultier Girls Denim Sequin Jacket! A must have for every girl, not sure if Suri Cruise has this one yet or not. It is new and you can get it now, click here.

This new item from Gaultier is a worn grey denim mini jacket covered in glinting oily blue sequins and large branded buttons.What is so versatile about this jacket is that you can actually dress it up or down. However, the dolled up look with the Junior Gaultier Girls Denim Sequin Jacket is a sure bet your little girl will be the best dressed.

Styling this look with ultra clean royal blue and white is smart. However, you can just about where this jacket with anything. You know we LOVE purple or pink which would also accent for a HOT look too.

OMG! This is the most fab jacket ever and Charm Posh Pick of the Week. Get it now, click here.

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