Suri Cruise Love For Starbucks and Fashion Repeats Approval

Oh how do we adore little Suri Cruise here at! You see it is her inspiration that makes her the ultimate little celebrity fashionista. With her fashion sense it is not likely Suri will ever give up this title and we prefer it this way. Charm is often inspired that Suri has a love for HOT Chocolate one of our favorites in the winter time and Suri’s brand loyalty to Starbucks!

Charm loves doing a lot of fashion repeats over and over again. At first I discouraged against it but Suri gives a stamp of approval for wearing fashion repeats.  So certainly it must be okay! Suri adores her Silk Polka Dot Dress by Holmes&Yang, which she first wore on August 7th, 2008. Today even in 2011 Suri still wears her Silk Polka Dot Dress by Holmes&Yang. So you might want to hold on to clothes that you give away and buy larger to enjoy for years to come.

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