Tiger Mom To Be or Not To Become

The most buzzed about book in parenting today is “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” written by Amy Chua, a professor at Yale Law School. As parents no matter what background we have to all wonder how is it that Chinese parents raise children successfully in American society so well? Likely most parents would be happy if our child befriends a Chinese playmate in hopes some smarts and values will be picked up.

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

After reading this book I had to stop and evaluate just what kind of mom am I? I recognized that Charm had a talent for child luxury lifestyle and branding so I encouraged her with my help of course to start this blog. Which by the way has been the most amazing bonding experience. Now, the fact that Charm was three years old when we launched this amazing blog may cause some raised concerns by other moms. However, my husband and I are happy about Charm’s work.

When I read the requirement demands that Tiger Moms put on their kids I had to stop and think. Little Charm spends a great deal of time looking over child luxury products and services for this blog. Her views and picks are essential to the sustainable growth for CharmPosh.com! But for us the most important thing is that she is having FUN…. She loves the rewards she receives when our sponsors PAY her.

I found the NOT to do list for Tiger Moms most interesting, here is what Chua suggests.

To become “Chinese mothers,” she suggests a not-to-do list for children: attend a sleepover; have a play date; be in a school play; complain about not being in a school play; watch TV or play computer games; choose their own extracurricular activities; get any grade less than an A; not be the No. 1 student in every subject except gym and drama; play any instrument other than the piano or violin; not play the piano or violin.

Chua writes that parents should actively engage in children’s careers, guide them to find their way and strictly control them as they don’t do things that are good for them.

Well, I have to admit I like many of the suggestions on the list and her theory for a promising career future. When Charm was one we started taking her to health fairs and community service days. How will she ever know how to have passion for giving back if we don’t teach it to her at a young age?

The Korea Times

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