TuTu of the Day: Monnalisa Ballerina Inspired Layers of White Tulle Skirt

OMG! Charm LOVES, LOVES this pretty ballerina inspired white skirt with princess layers of white tulle. So very pretty and elegant to make any little girl feel like a ballerina princess. Dare we say it but this skirt is so Madonna with the pop out shape that says I am chic and posh.

What makes this skirt so stand out is the classic white color combo with our seasonal pick of the shining style navy blue bow. Which grants any ballerina princess to show off their fashion sense creative side with options of fancy bow tie skills. Charm says that the blue bow is the perfect accessory and can be worn with other outfits as well!

No wonder the  Monnalisa Chic White Tulle Skirt with Blue Bow is our favorite TuTu of the Day. Like this look? Get it now, click here

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