Wedge Trainers In Denim By Ash – Mini-Me Little Diva Girls

This is the IT shoe to take fashion for children designers to another level. To DIE For are these chic and also FAB “Wedge Trainers In Denim” By Ash!

OMG! This shoe is too cute for your little beginning fashion diva to represent her own one of a kind style. Ash shoes are very popular among celeb Moms and also fashion stylish Moms. Now, your little fashion diva can sport a Mini-Me style.

Charm’s favorite is the Wedge Trainers In Denim! We LOVE, love, can’t stress enough how much we LOVE this shoe! The reason we like this shoe so much is because of the distressed blue denim washed look appeal. The over sized buckle gives it such a modern in style look. Drawing major attention to the wedge heels and the soles of shoe in a nonchalant finish. Plus the more scuffed looking the better for Ash shoes!

Every girl must learn how to walk in heels. Face it, Suri Cruise may have started this trend but heels for little girls are here to stay.

Ash ‘Gang’ Blue Denim Wedge Trainers, Love this look too? Get is now because this shoe is bound to sell out really, really fast!! Buy now, Click Here

Bonus: Also available in White, too

Ash ‘Gang’ White Denim Wedge Trainers, Get it now, Click Here

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