Big Spending Child Luxury Designer Birthday Parties

Here at parents feel secure about what we spend on our kids. A safety zone to spend wild on kids and LOVE it! So when it comes to planning an ultimate child luxury designer birthday party how much should or would you spend? Certainly, it should be okay to dish out some major bucks for your little posh princess or handsome boy for an ultimate birthday bash!

Many children of celebrities have increasingly extravagant parties, often photographed in glossy magazines. Suri Cruise, the daughter of actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, reportedly enjoyed a $100,000 second birthday party!

Charm once hosted an afternoon tea party when she was four at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia. She invited a few very close friends along with their moms. For us this was a very special play date and a way to build lasting memories.

How much are you planning on spending for your child’s next birthday party? Please let us know!

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