Calling All Young Designing Fashionistas

This is by far the hottest crave among young girls right now and Charm’s favorite too! Do you have a budding fashion designer? Well, the next generation of young fashion designers are being created using the most amazing site! Introducing

The real deal for a serious little fashionista to create a custom Dress, Tee, Hoodie or Pants! Adding their own little flavor of creativity with vibe colors, pretty ribbons, appliques, amazing rhinestones, fancy ruffles, and splash appeal buttons. Need we say more this will be an amazing experience.

To top it all off there are model avatars available to help market your little fashionista’s one of a kind designs. Wow! They have thought of everything.

Each custom creation can be saved to the Wish List or sent to the sewing room for construction. Which upon completion in about 2 to 3 weeks the little Fashionista’s outfit is shipped for delivery. Just in time for her upcoming Fashion Week debut?

Some cost breakdowns:

T-shirts are $14 and $15. Rompers are $18. Dresses are $14-$24. Skirts are $9.99 to $11.99. Leggings are $12 while jeggings are $25.

You can get started now by visint

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