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Recently, we shared the exciting news about the Disney Store’s recent launch of home fragrance products, and now that 1/3 of the products are available exclusively at Disney stores, I can give a full review. Disney’s collection includes three scent varieties that were inspired by their hit movies. The lines include Pixie Dust, a fun fruity fragrance that was made of notes of citrus sorbet, summer rain, and candied fruits; Magic, a wintery scent of icy blue mint, invigorating sea spray, and chocolate; and lastly Imagination, a cool nature-based fragrance with notes of sequoia trees, leaves, and moss. Each line includes a 7.4 oz scented candle, 3.4 fluid oz room spray, 8.4 fluid oz.hand soap, and 8.4 fluid oz body lotion. I recently sampled all four products from the Imagination line.

At first glance, the collection reminded me of the same products you might find at a specialty fragrance shop like Bath & Body Works. Even with upscale packaging and sophisticated scents, Disney’s three fragrance lines never lost their special touch. Each line features a special design on the package and label that best represents the inspiration for the scent: Imagination features a tree, Magic features Mickey, and Pixie Dust features Tinker Bell.

I’m a big fragrance fan, and I don’t really have a preference, but when a fragrance like this smells so fresh and natural (again the notes are leaves, moss, and sequoia trees), it’s kind of hard not to claim a favorite. If you’re not big on heavily scented products, I would recommend Imagination. These luxurious home scents are the kind of products you could picture in the restroom at a fancy hotel bathroom. As a bonus, the scent is very light and fresh, so it won’t overwhelm the room.

Imagination Scented Candle (7.4 oz)
I generally associate candles with winter, but this is one candle I can actually light during the spring and summer. The cream-colored candle comes in a clear glass holder and will burn approximately 50 hours. (Remember to take caution when burning any candle in your home: never leave a burning unattended and never leave your child with a burning candle.)

Imagination Room Spray (3.4 fl oz)
Give any room in your house a quick burst of Imagination with this scented air spray. Unlike most scented home spray sprays, this one doesn’t go all over the room and cover everything (or everyone) in an overwhelming spray. A little bit goes a long way, and that’s a good thing.

Imagination Hand Wash (8.4 fl. oz)
Every bathroom needs a luxurious scented soap, and liquid soap in a bottle is more sanitary than a bar of hand soap. This sweet scented soap feels kind of gel-like but it lathers well, making it feel like a real luxury to use.

Imagination Hand Lotion (8.4 fl. oz)
Prevent your hands from getting dried out with this lightly scented hand lotion. You can apply this moisturizer to your hands at one or two times a day to keep your hands extra supple and soft.

Every home need special touches and products that make it feel like so much more than just your house. Maybe you can’t afford a vacation this year, but you can sure make your house feel more like a hotel or resort with the amazing home fragrances from Disney.


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