Designing Luxury Kitchen Kids

Kitchen Kids by Josefine Bentzen and Charlotte Skak is a series of kitchen tools designed for kids aged 4 through 7 that invite them to do helpful kitchen chores.

We all know that it’s healthy for families to eat together, but the preparation of the meal can also facilitate family bonding. According to the designers, only 5% of children participate in meal preparation. These tools were designed to encourage children to get involved in creating their own meal, which might even get them to eat that broccoli they’re always feeding to the dog.

The series consists of a knife, a vegetable peeler, a grating bowl, a mixing bottle for dressing, a chopping board and a protective mitten for protection against sharp objects. The sharp tools are designed to have a clear distinction between where the tools are “safe” to hold and where they are “dangerous”.

Kitchen Kids was recently awarded at the newly established BODUM Design Award, 2011.

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  1. Cool its looking very convenient for kids for those who interested in helping their mothers. 😉

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