Luxury Fairytale Dollhouse Worth $500,000K

This amazing dollhouse, owned by Ms Coleen Moore, a silent movie-era actress, is a fairytale writ small. Meticulously crafted and adorned with precious gemstones, the castle boasts a miniature drawing room, great hall, chapel, library, princess’s bathroom and bedroom, prince’s bathroom and bedroom, the attic and a ‘magic’ garden. The great hall located around the center portion has statues of Cinderella and her prince along with murals of the Pied Piper from Hamlin. The glass windows have been etched with visuals from Jack & the Beanstalk.

Other noteworthy features: the kitchen utensils are wrought from copper, and the dinner table is the exact replica of the one used in Queen Mary’s dollhouse at Windsor Castle. The drawing room for that matter has rose quartz and jade from the Chinese royal collection, which are close to 500 years in age. The chandelier hanging from the ceiling? Pure gold with diamonds. One of the murals on the wall is a painting by the legendary Walt Disney himself, and the vases around the door are of similar age to the 500 year-old chinaware.

Worth an estimated US$500,000, this castle has served as more than a rich person’s frivolous plaything: it was exhibited in a nationwide tour during the years of the Great Depression to raise funds for children’s charities. The final destination, for now, is the Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, where it is on public display.


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