The Ultimate Kids Christmas Party


We are extremely excited as this post kicks off our Kids Party series that will be hot in 2012. What better way to celebrate our first collection for a kids party than the ultimate kids Christmas party. Charm loves to attend a party! So her creativity will shine especially from the views of a posh child.

Parties for kids create special memories and no longer require an occasion such as a birthday just to celebrate. If you want to learn about kids party ideas follow this series to explore the very best. In 2012 you will see a lot of invites for your child to attend parties. A more social play-date experience that will help your child’s social and communications skills. A real plus!

The first thing that every kids party should have is the ultimate theme! Okay we know that this kids party is to celebrate Christmas. Every kids party should have the right ambience to set the mood and make it the most memorable party of all times.

Color Schemes

Opt for a vibrant candy cane red and white focus with action party colors. Our favorite is to do a standout attraction color like used in the Anders Ruff Custom Designs “North Pole” Collection adding vibrant Tiffany blue with blueberry to candy cane red and white.

Hot Chocolate Bar

No kids Christmas party is complete without the ultimate hot chocolate bar. So very delicious…  Adding blueberry candy canes makes it extra special.


Cookie Making Time

Boys can bake too… Every kids party should be about having fun and making cookies is an ultimate party favorite.



Happy Holidays Enjoy!


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