Cupcakes and Nail Polish Spring Summer 2012 Hottest Colors


This spring summer 2012 is all about color! Did we forget to mention that it will also be sweet and fun. Which is why is celebrating cupcakes and nail polish highlighting the hottest colors for young girls. Non toxic nail polish is ideal for little fashion divas who like to spa and stay in good health. We have to thank Charm for being six and for her creativity, Cupcakes and Nail Polish was ALL her little idea 🙂

Here are the prettiest cupcake colors for non toxic nail polish for spring summer 2012. adores Piggy Paint because it is super safe! Why not have a cupcakes and nail polish spa party? Sounds like a great idea.?.?….Charm sure thinks so!

1. Charm’s favorite is Girls Rule Pink from Piggy Paint a sweet sensation. Hurry, won’t last long Click link to Buy Now.. 

Piggy Paint Non-Toxic Nail Polish (Girls Rule! – Pink)

2. Piggy Paint Clouds of Candy – Pastel Blue! Click link to Buy Now.. 

Piggy Paint Non-toxic Nail Polish (Clouds of Candy – Pastel Blue)


3.3 Piggy Paint Cupcake Cutie Gift Set. Click link to Buy Now.. 

Piggy Paint 803 Cupcake Cutie Gift Set


4. Piggy Paint Mac-n-cheese Please – Vibrant Orange Click link to Buy Now.. 

Piggy Paint Non-toxic Nail Polish (Mac-n-cheese Please – Vibrant Orange)


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