Baby Designer Clothes Miniature Milk Eco-friendly New Collection

Who says eco-friendly baby clothing can’t be fashionably chic and good for baby, too? Well, one brand sure knows how to mix playful fashion with safe friendly wear designed especially for babies.

Miniature Milk, designer of eco-friendly baby clothing, debuts a new collection of fashionable infant-wear with added health benefits at the Spring ENK Children’s Club. Made of milk fiber and organically grown cotton, Miniature Milk incorporates playful cow print and logos into its rompers, onesies, t-shirts and bibs, guaranteed to grab the attention of retailers and consumers alike.

Miniature Milk its basic range which is both fashionable and soothing to babies’ sensitive skin. Consisting of layette items with minimalist colors, stripes and cow prints, Miniature Milk’s collection is available in a pastel purple and a pastel blue, for both girls and boys. The line is made from 20% milk fiber, which comes from Casein Protein that is extracted from cow’s milk, and 80% organically grown cotton. With anti-bacterial properties as well as natural moisturizers, Miniature Milk’s "udder-ly" adorable design mixed with soft and ground-breaking fabrics brings revolutionary presence at the ENK Children’s Club.

Casein Protein extracted from Milk nourishes the Skin, has Anti-Bacterial Properties and is Eco-Friendly.


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