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The one thing in life that will go a very long ways will always be good manners! So why not start right now with etiquette classes designed just for kids? Good behavior is something that is taught and a specialty etiquette coach is just the answer. Teaching manners to your children will give them the tools to function and succeed as productive adults.

New School Of Etiquette

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In an age of social media we are forgoing the elements of good old fashion manners. Likely in your city there are etiquette classes designed just for kids! Check out these great etiquette classes that we love their concept! favorite is The New School of Etiquette!

1. The New School of Etiquette

The New School of Etiquette offers a comprehensive enrichment program committed to educating and promoting etiquette, social decorum and positive self-image for children ages 4-16. Classes are offered via a nine month – nine course program or quarterly basis, allowing a three month – three course program. 

2. The Etiquette School of New York

The ETIQUETTE SCHOOL OF NEW YORK in Manhattan is dedicated to developing excellent social skills in children of all ages by building solid foundations for learning and using proper etiquette, good manners and kind and considerate behavior toward others. When children learn the importance of treating others with kindness, consideration and respect, they will be less likely to engage in bullying, and will model the behavior that will make them leaders in their schools.

3.Beverly Hills Manners

Beverly Hills Manners is working diligently to change the old school, uptight and remedial image associated with etiquette schools of the past and infuse it with a new energy making learning manners entertaining, fun, interactive and informative with a “here’s why it’s relevant to you” approach!

Good manners count!


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