Baby Designer Foot Fashion Beyoncé And Blue Ivy Cat Mouse Chase


Just like Suri Cruise and all celeb kids you can expect everything that baby Blue Ivy Carter wears will make major headlines. A cute combo is the mommy and baby coordinated foot fashion. Superstar new mom Beyoncé is seen wearing cat shoes while baby Blue wears the match of mouse booties. While many media outlets are reporting baby Blue is wearing mouse shoes she is not FYI these are booties.

Baby Blue’s is actually wearing Little Marc Jacobs Infant’s Mouse Booties, for those interested in purchasing this item.


The Little Marc Jacobs Infant’s Mouse Booties are super luxurious. They are made of plush leather which offers superb support to a new baby’s developing foot. The mouse design helps with identification because from birth to five years old is the most essential time for learning and development. This shoe is well worth the investment. favorite color for the Little Marc Jacobs Infant’s Mouse Booties is the Pink Pearl

We also adore the Little Marc Jacobs Infant’s Mouse Booties in Metallic Gold



Likely baby Blue already have these among her collection of booties, too! 






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