Best Ever Sunday Morning Yoga Stretch For Kids Cat Cow Extend


The amazing benefits of Yoga for kids is worth any amount of time put in. Charm has been taking Yoga classes for awhile now and she is very aware of how important health and fitness is at even the age of six. It is very necessary that children learn the importance of eating right and exercise routines early on. Babies can easily adapt to Yoga with Mommie and me classes, too.

Yoga is a key engine to drive good fitness practices for children. The strength to create flexibility and learn how to focus is a great benefit of learning Yoga. Most of all Yoga is super fun for kids and can be suited to a child’s own pace as they grow.

What is so amazing about the Sunday morning yoga stretch is that it is calming for kids! 

Start with a Cat Cow Extend, start out on all fours with the spine and neck in a neutral position.

Reminder for the cat cow extend knees must remain on the floor. You must start out on all fours with the spine and neck in a neutral position. Make sure to remind the child to focus on keeping eyes looking straight down at the ground. Next inhale and drop belly down while slowly lifting the neck and head up. 

Encourage the child to focus deeply on the exhale while lifting the belly and spine so that their back is now arched like a cat. This time focus on the eyes looking toward the bellybutton.

Tell the child to switch off from cat to cow stretches with five to 10 breaths inhale and exhale. Finish on the cat pose and return to the

Alternate cat-cow stretches for 5 to 10 breaths. After the last cat pose, return to the neutral hands-and-knees position with the spine and neck in a neutral position like shown above.



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    1. This is great! I use cat/cow in all my yoga and dance classes. It’s one of my favorites and kids love it! It’s excellent stretch, and a good introduction to the basic core movments in yoga. Wonderful!

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