If you have to ask, what’s hot about Little Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2012? Everything! This is the most amazing chic clothing for kids to grace the child luxury market. For all girls who are certainly Charm Posh this line is so trendy and even a surprise for Posh boys, too. The baby clothes are modern meet classic baby cute.

Charm has always been a big fan of Little Marc Jacobs clothing and loves wearing the chic looks. Here is CharmPosh.com top picks for Little Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2012.

1. This is CharmPosh.com favorite  Little Marc Jacobs Polka Dots dress. Madly in love with the Polka dots! As dots are always trendy and Little Marc Jacobs knows how to pull this off to look trendy but still fitting just for little girls.



2. Little Marc Jacobs pretty pink purple mixed with orange! Still child’s play but trendy chic.



3. Little Marc Jacobs Stripes! One of the hottest trends for child luxury spring and summer fashion for 2012 will be stripes and everything striped. Little Marc Jacobs present bold stripes as elegant but cute for little girls. 



4. Little Marc Jacobs Pretty Pink Dress!! Every little girl deserves a little pink dress! This pink dress has girly ruffles and is so pretty.



5. Little Marc Jacobs Chic Boy Suit! We love this posh boy look.



6. Little Marc Jacobs Hot Pink Stripes Baby. This is the cutest baby look of hot pink stripes for babies, too cute.


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