Better Health Guide To Kids Eating Out What To Avoid


Bad habits often start young and when it comes to eating out good habits must start younger. Charm is always concerned about what she eats and is it healthy for her. This is something that we trained her to be aware at a very early age. Eating out should be no different which is why parents should learn how to help kids pick healthy options from the menu.

Here is Charm, she loves fresh food selections made daily!


1. Fruit over Fries

Yes! Charm always picks fruit cup over fries. Almost every kids menu offer this option but parents go with the fries because kids like the taste. Fruit is much more tasty than fries plus a lot better for you. Try it next time, no fries please fruit instead.

2. Fresh Water or Juice over Soda

If you train your child to love water and juice the desire for soda will not be a necessary need. Water is so good for you and have so many benefits. Charm truly understands the importance of drinking water. I call it her secret beauty weapon.

3. Veggies over Mac and Cheese

For real Charm loved  spinach salad at 2 it was her favorite. You can make veggies fun with fruits and lots of healthy delicious options.

4. Just SAY NO to Chicken Nuggets

It is extremely important that developing children put healthy food options inside their bodies. Chicken nuggets is enemy #1! This is unhealthy food and an imposter of real chicken. While organic cage free chicken is healthy most chicken nuggets in restaurants are not.

5. Good Sweets over Bad Sweets

Too much sugar is why so many kids are over weight. Charm maintains a healthy weight because she is active but also has a diet that is good for her. When eating out kids must learn how to select healthy sweets such as frozen yogurt, sorbet, or fresh fruit. Good taste and good for you sweets!



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