Monnalisa Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Show is pleased to present Monnalisa Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Show

 Monnalisa SpA is a world leader in garments and accessories for children. The company is in the top range of the market.

Monnalisa operates in over 50 countries using qualified distribution, through flagship stores (Milan-Florence-Arezzo-Rome-Catania-NewYork-Sydney-Baku), corner shops and shops in the most exclusives Department Stores and Boutiques in the world. 74% of the sales comes from the domestic market (17% of which comes from the EU), while 26% comes from overseas. 

Over the years, Monnalisa has made important distribution agreements. These have lead to the opening of new sales points in emerging and difficult penetration markets such as China, India, Egypt, Syria, Taiwan, Libya and Brazil, reaching the top range of Italian companies for investments and development.


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