Where To Get Aubrey Anderson-Emmons’ Little Lily Emmy Dress


Dare we express how much we love the Lily Emmy Dress! So chic and posh is this bold purple expression dress for a special little girl. This is just not any dress, it is the IT dress for the holiday season so ACT fast! The Lily Emmy Dress is a limited edition and will ship in November to all the lucky little girls receiving one. The dress is made to order in San Francisco, CA good old USA.

Keep in mind that color shades might vary for this design. It is still a Hollywood red carpet dress sized down for little ladies. The design is 100% silk, interior tulle petticoat. Dry clean only please… This special occasion dress will best be remembered won by Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, “Lily” from Modern Family, at the 2012 Emmy Awards show. However, your little posh princess can make it her very own for her own special occasion.

What CharmPosh.com loves most about this dress is the concept to take traditional Hollywood designs and make it suitable for a child. Amazing is the iconic wrap neckline and A-List celebrity look of a bubble skirt. It is classy, elegant but not too grown up.

This amazing Lily Emmy Dress was designed by Tea Collection! Emily Meyer, Tea Collection’s Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, dishes about making the dress:

“We started with our iconic wrap neckline styling and created a bubble in the skirt for fun, matching Aubrey’s playful personality. Then we added a sash similar to one we had seen on the traditional Korean costume, called a hambok. The sash captivated Aubrey and the wrap neckline was gorgeous on her – elegant and youthful.”

Lily Emmy Dress available at Tea Collection

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