The Fendi Blue Zucca Logo Pram Blue Ivy Carter Inspired


We are so excited to announce that the Fendi Blue Zucca Logo Pram is available! Now, let’s go over the color Blue. Traditionally blue was considered a color just for boys. That is so old school and now blue is also a favorite color for a girls as well as boys! Hence the pretty name Blue Ivy Carter the daughter of famous parents Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles.

The Fendi Blue Zucca Logo Pram is a favorite of parents to well bred designer babies. This Fendi pram is a limited edition and once it is gone no amount of money will be able to bring it back. So if you really, really must have one make your purchase today! love so many features that the Fendi Blue Zucca Logo Pram offers. First it has an adjustable padded base that can be turned up or reclined down. Allowing older babies that aren’t quite ready for a pushchair the access to sitting up. It’s all about style with anything Fendi even the carry straps are hidden in the side pockets! 

Every designer baby and mom needs storage, the Fendi Blue Zucca Logo Pram features a large metal storage basket. Smooth to touch offering a luxurious feel the pram has a leather handle and functional suspension and soft rubber tires absorb road shock and helps keep designer babies comfortable. A favorite feature is that the carrycot can be easily taken off the base to double as a travel cot and comes with a hood and cover that snaps on to protect posh babies in cold or wet weather. For cleaning care the inside lining is soft, padded and can be removed for washing.

About the fabric it is 100% poly! Which makes it easier to care for the fabric. The best advantages is that poly is resistant to damage from mold and mildew. If you are ordering outside the UK, delivery cost of course will be more but well worth it to get the IT pram for the season.


Fendi Blue Zucca Logo Pram Blue, BUY NOW, CLICK HERE (Hurry, will not be in stock long!)


As you know there are many pushchairs and fancy prams on the market. This is a Fendi the trademark logo that represents a designer baby is on board. Add this one to your collection to represent exclusivity of ultra high class.

Fendi Blue Zucca Logo Pram Blue, BUY NOW, CLICK HERE (Hurry, will not be in stock long!)

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