Hot Holiday Item: Baby Dior Dressing Up Doll With THREE Dior Dresses Featuring Play Box


Leading up to the Holiday season for 2012 will continue to keep you in the know on what is HOT! This Baby Dior Dressing Up Doll is on every little posh princess wish list. If you want to make sure that your little darling will not be disappointed you better get this one before it sells out. This doll is a collector’s item and not just desired by kids.

What makes her so special is that she comes with not one, not two but three removable Dior dresses! A forever keepsake the doll is accompanied by a Baby Dior box that is also a luxurious dressing room. This doll is so very pretty with classic curls and we all know how much loves girls with curls our signature. The Baby Dior doll is a fashion statement and reflect real life which her eyes close when she lies down to take a beauty nap.

The Dior dresses are made of silk and cotton featuring the authentic Dior trademark on her dresses. Of course Dior has thought of everything including matching ribbons to tie around the dolls hair or waist. Charm prefers to tie the ribbon around her own pinky finger. This doll is truly a lady which she wears crisp white pants under her Dior dresses. Yes, a ballerina with socks of Dior.

What age should you get the Baby Dior Dressing Up Doll? Well, it is suitable for play for 3 years and up. However, girls under three should also add this doll to their collection. Once they turn older they can interact with the doll for play. We imagine that all well bred newborns will be getting this doll as well. This doll is also an investment into timeless beauty.

Features: Height of doll: 40cm, Red and purple dress: 100% cotton, machine wash at 30*C, Coral pink dress: 100% silk, dry clean, Size of box: 40cm x 35cm x 14cm, Suitable for children from 3 years+ .

HOT Holiday 2012 Item

Baby Dior Dressing Up Doll With THREE Dior Dresses Featuring Play Box, Buy NOW CLICK HERE


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