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How it works

Moms receive a postage-paid Moxie Jean Mailer Bag, which they fill with their select out-grown children’s clothing and leave for the mail carrier—meaning no extra errands to run. Moxie Jean receives the bag, evaluates the clothing and issues "Moxie Money" for anything they purchase from Moms use their Moxie Money to purchase new outfits, cash out or donate to charity at Moxie’s website.

Moxie Jean sells adorable, stylist-created outfits consisting of high quality, gently used kids’ clothing at  The extensive inventory includes play clothes, sleepwear, special occasion dresses, suits and coats to fit newborns through size 8.

Convenience and Socially Conscious

The children’s clothing industry today is where household recycling was ten years ago: Sure you could recycle back then, if you held on to your materials and occasionally dragged them down to the local recycling center for a few bucks. But it was not until those blue bins became ubiquitous and recycling became so easy that everyone started doing it. Moxie Jean aims to make the reuse of high quality kids’ clothing just as easy and just as universal.   

"I have three young kids myself and had closets full of great clothes they had outgrown. I hate being wasteful, and I wanted a place where I could get rid of what I had and get what they need next." says Sharon Schneider, founder and CEO of Moxie Jean.  "There was no easy solution out there, so I created Moxie Jean for moms like me."

Mandy Moise, women’s clothing designer and mom to two young kids, said "I love my shopping experience with Moxie Jean! The outfits they put together are so cute and make shopping easy and really fun. Checking out was quick and simple- and my adorable clothes came super fast. My daughter wears the dresses all the time – Moxie Jean offers great quality at amazing prices."


Moxie Jean is for busy moms who to save money AND save the planet–and don’t want to sacrifice style to do so. By providing a curated, stylish selection of like-new kids’ clothes at consignment sale prices, Moxie Jean makes it easy to keep up with fast-growing little bodies, from Newborn to size 8. And with the free, postage-paid Moxie Jean Mailer Bag that is delivered to your door, it’s easier than ever to clean out the kids’ closets and get cash or credit toward the clothes they need next.

If you’d like more information about Moxie Jean, please contact Jen Shelby at:  415-203-8803 or email at:   Click here to visit the website.


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