Luxury Baby Make Room For

The ultimate in luxury, our gifts are crafted from extraordinary materials, using traditional French know-how. Our range includes baby blankets made of marvelous 8-ply cashmere, solid silver baby cups and rattles decorated with special plant-based enamel, silk fur receiving blankets, sleeping nests made of the softest sheepskin and baby booties made of exotic leather. Skillfully revisiting and updating traditional designs, Petit Coq presents an exciting collection of exclusive gifts for newborns. Petit Coq,, specializes in luxurious gifts for newborns. The gift giver's delight at a new arrival will be enhanced by the pleasure of helping baby acquire a taste for the finer things in life.

Currently available online at in France and in the United States, the brand will soon be distributed at physical points of sale in several countries. To keep up with brand news, go to Paris is ready to help you welcome a new baby anywhere in the world… express your love with the ultimate luxurious gift.

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