What’s Really Under The Christmas Tree For Little Suri Cruise This Year


While Christmas is a very special time of the year for all kids. Suri Cruise being in the spotlight often has her Christmas gifts and wish list told to the public. One incorrect rumor this year was that Suri was getting a $24,000 playhouse. In fact Stacy Evrard the owner of Sweet Retreat Kids confirmed to Celebuzz that Katie Holmes did not purchase the Gran Victorian luxury playhouse for Suri this Christmas. Who knows maybe Stacy will gift it to Suri!

However, the darling daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise is getting the best gift that any little girl at age six could ask for or ever want. Seems this year will be very special for Suri who is going to spend time with dad Tom Cruise and siblings Bella Cruise, 20, and Connor Cruise, 17. Certainly, both mom and dad are going to shower Suri with some amazing gifts too!

Merry Christmas to little Suri Cruise from CharmPosh.com

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