A Little Girls First Date Night Valentine’s Father Daughter Dance

Every year when Valentine's day comes around all little girls get really excited. They look forward to their special date night to having dads all to themselves. Dressed in their prettiest dresses and even wearing flavored lip gloss they rush off to the dance.

For moms this special event makes for the very best photos to keep forever and ever. Not to mention to brag about on Pinterest and Facebook! This just may be the biggest bragging day of the year for moms and grandparents. Perfect time to grow closer with mother-in-laws! Sending your mom in law a framed photo of the Valentine's father daughter dance just might score you some cool points.

If you have not already registered for a Valentine's Father Daughter Dance in your local area you need to. These types of events generally book fast and have limited amount of space. Keep in mind every little girl wants to attend with her special father figure. Think the second best thing to attending an Justin Bieber event. So you get the point register fast!!

Charm and her dad together attending the opening at the Atlanta Ballet Nutcracker

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