Happy Valentine’s Day Fun Things To Do With Kids Indoors


Valentine’s day is so sweet and there is no other better day to express love. For young kids Valentine’s day should be about more than just candy but also a time to share love. Charm is super excited about Valentine’s day because we have a very special mommie and me lunch date planned at her school. This will be our special time just for us girls following the father and daughter Valentine’s day dance she attended with her dad.

Here are some wonderful ideas for how to spend Valentine’s day with kids. Remember it is all about fun…

Indoor Family Valentine’s Day Picnic

No hassles about the weather outside take out the blankets and have a cool indoor picnic. Express your love by passing out homemade cards.

Valentine’s Day Bake Off

Turn up the competition fun by having a family bake off. The best cupcake wins a prize.

Valentine’s Day Family Movie Night

Cuddle up on the couch and watch a classic movie to celebrate Valentine’s with the ones you love.


Whatever you do make sure to have fun… Happy V-Day!



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