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SwappleBlog will also serve as an introduction to MySchoolSwap. As an advertising network created to benefit schools, MySchoolSwap donates half of its paid sponsor revenue to schools nationwide. Content of the blog will often promote the features and perks of this recently launched website.


The ‘Top Ten Used Children’s Items to Sell Online’ encourages parents to sell or donate children’s items that are outgrown or no longer used. Sought after used kid gear includes clothing, books and brand name toys. The SwappleBlog list offers insightful suggestions for selling and is not based on data related to actual success rates.

While popular, high-volume advertising and auction websites are mentioned as excellent outlets for resale, this blog entry also presents MySchoolSwap as a unique option with distinguishable differences. These differences include innovative School Pages, user-specific categories and a philanthropic business model.

A School Page is a “wall” of ad listings posted by members connected to that school in some way—parents, volunteers, school staff and the local business community. This creates a familiar environment for communication and exchanges. Every preschool through high school has a School Page and if one’s not in the MySchoolSwap database already, it can be added. Any organization dedicated to the enrichment of children is also eligible.

MySchoolSwap has also created a friendly and secure space for its anticipated audience. It includes categories like Prom Gowns, Scouts and School Notices while excluding categories such as Personals and Discussion Forums. Furthermore, membership is required and users must be 18 years of age or older to join.

Finally, the big difference MySchoolSwap boasts is its mission to give back. MySchoolSwap donates 50 percent of Spirit Sponsor ads to any school an advertiser chooses. This not only puts advertisers in front of an intended audience with a message that stands out, but it brings much needed revenue to schools across the country.

SwappleBlog will continue to build its content and will welcome guest blogs relating to practical resources for parents.

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