Boston Design Center Adds The Moll® Champion Kids’ Desk and Chair

The European styling and unique features of the Moll® Champion Kids’ Desk Collection have been well received by children and parents at the Boston Design Center. The Champion Adjustable Desk and Maximo Adjustable Chair are cleverly built to grow with the child from preschool through high school. A patented, child friendly pulley system raises and lowers the desk to a comfortable height. With a touch of a knob, the desk surface tilts up to 20 degrees. The ergonomic desk design encourages healthy posture and reduces eye strain. The Maximo Desk Chair offers the same flexibility with its easy-to-adjust seat height, seat depth and backrest height.

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At a recent outing to the Boston Design Center, hundreds of Boston families got a first glimpse at the newest innovations in children’s furniture. Now available in the U.S., the German engineered Moll® Champion Adjustable Kids’ Desk and Maximo Adjustable Kids’ Chair are on display at Your German Kitchen in the Boston Design Center. Moll® ergonomic children’s furniture is well known in Europe, Asia and Australia, where it has been sold globally for decades. Local furniture wholesaler Empire Office Solutions has made this popular line of children’s furniture available at retailers across the U.S.

Styled to appeal to kids of all ages, the Champion Kids’ Desk Collection provides a distraction-free study area. Empire Office Solutions President Andy Beall sees the benefit of the desk in his home. “We all want what’s best for our kids. My own son was instrumental in bringing this children’s furniture line to the U.S. He thinks the desk is cool. My wife and I can see he’s able to concentrate better on his studies when he works at the desk rather than slouching on the couch with the TV remote and cell phone in easy reach. With so many distractions like social media and video games, a designated study zone in the house has really helped my son stay focused.”

Beall began importing Moll® Champion Kids’ Desks and Chairs by popular demand in 2012. Beall explains, “These desks and chairs are available at over 2000 high end showrooms in Germany alone, just to give you an idea of the appeal. We have a lot of American parents looking for top quality children’s furniture, and we’re happy to find a product line that delivers premium construction and inventive design.”

Empire Office Solutions has partnered with Your German Kitchen at the Boston Design Center to showcase this German made furniture line. Your German Kitchen specializes in innovative European kitchen design and personalized customer service. The Moll Desk and Chair, along with a beautiful kitchen showroom is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM in Suite 230 at the Boston Design Center, One Design Center Place, Boston, MA 02210.

For more information about Moll® Champion Kids’ Furniture Collection, please contact Mike Checile, Director of Wholesale Division for Empire Office Solutions at 413-256-4924.

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