XOXO Happy Earth Day 2013 Activities For Kids To Celebrate

Happy Earth Day! It is very important to teach kids to protect the planet. Every child should learn about their community environment and global responsibility to the planet earth. To celebrate earth day for April 22, 2013 and beyond here are some fun things kids can do.


#1 Plant Something Green

Allowing kids to help planet a garden is a great way for them to see how amazing the earth is. Growing food that is healthy and from the earth.


#2 Get Active To Help The Earth

Have kids call family members and friends reminding them to recycle and to participate in environmental friendly activities. Family and friends will likely want to help the earth when they are reminded to do so by children.


#3 Geography Story Time

Make story time all about a geography learning lesson. Kids will learn just how amazing the earth really is. Focus on geography all month long to celebrate earth day.


Happy Earth Day 2013

Happy Earth Day 2013 Charm Posh



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