Say It Is SO True Suri Cruise To Launch Fashion Line For Girls

Suri Cruise Fashion Line Charm Posh

Okay, she may be only seven but Suri Cruise knows tons and tons about girls fashion. Suri continues to top every celebrity kid best dress list. Currently she is ranked #1 in the world for the best dressed celebrity child on the planet. At age seven sources reveal Suri is very interested in clothes. We wonder is Suri tuning into We certainly hope so!

According to NYPost Page Six, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has just inked a multi-million dollar deal and her label has reportedly been named Suri. The Suri brand launch first collection for young girls is expected this fall in a New York department store.

If successful, the Suri brand will be rolled out in shops across North America next year!

We simply hope this story is really true…. Some rumors say it may not be true but we have our fingers crossed anyway.

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