Baby Showers Shrink In Size But Costs Increase ?

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A national survey of party hostesses conducted by Funsational, Inc. found strong new trends for baby showers with the invitation list small (56 percent invited 25 or less guests) and including more than women at the event (49 percent included men and/or kids) – with costs exceeding $200 (64 percent) – reflecting smaller, yet more elaborate celebrations for moms-to-be.

A Smaller Affair

The Baby Showers in 2013 Survey found that the large majority of baby shower hostesses were inviting 25 guests (31 percent) or less (25 percent). They were also inviting new faces, including men and kids to the showers (49 percent) in 2013.

"The Baby Showers in 2013 Survey reveals that even in these social times with large online circles of friends and acquaintances, celebrations are staying small and intimate," said Funsational, Inc. president, Heather Pieczonka . "This survey shows us how hostesses are deciding to size their celebrations, who they're inviting, and what the guests most look forward to. At Funsational we want to lift everyday to an opportunity to have fun and create laughter, and baby showers are the perfect opportunity to do just that."

Funsational, Inc. developed the survey to better understand the new trends in baby showers, including: sizes of baby showers, who hostesses were inviting, where baby showers are held, what hostesses are spending, and what guests most looked forward to.

The Cost of Being a Shower Hostess

While many hostesses spent under $200 (36 percent), even more spent over $200 (64 percent), with nearly half of that number spending over $300. That said, the survey also revealed most showers are hosted in the home (55 percent), leaving the bulk of the cost of hosting a shower away from venue costs and left for food, decorations, entertainment, gifts, etc.

Following fashion trends borrowed from weddings, baby showers are seeing an increase in all the details like elaborate food displays, dessert spreads with large varieties of sweets from their local bakeshop, decorations that include dressing the walls, photobooths complete with props, and real dishes and serveware (not paper and plastic) in the name of being eco-friendly. All of this adds to the hostess cost.

Party Games Amongst Friends & Family

On the other side of hosting a party, are the guest's reactions. When it comes to baby showers, most guests (59 percent) look forward to socializing with friends and family, followed by the baby shower games (21 percent).

"A hostess's biggest fear is a boring, quiet party. She knows the lavish details lovingly arranged for the mom-to-be can all fall flat if the party lacks conversation, energy and an element of fun," said Pieczonka. "That's why you see so much interest in baby shower games."

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The survey was conducted online within 216 website visitors between April 11, 2013 and April 18, 2013. For complete survey methodology, please contact Funsational, Inc. at

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