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Okay, we are huge fans! Ace + Jig has got to be the cutest and most comfortable clothes for kids. After a recent feature in "The Cut" they caught our eye at, too. Play dates at the park these days are full of high fashion…. It's normal to see all the little girls playing in skirts or dresses. Little boys can also be found in high GQ fashion… The big problem is finding such fashions and comfort.

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Which is why Ace + Jig are simply wonderful offering both cute and comfort. The designers Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson behind Ace + Jig became fast friends as interns at the now-defunct label Language, and eventually moved up to become assistant designers. When the line folded in 2004, the duo moved on to the contemporary brand LaRok as creative directors. After three years at the fast-paced, trendy line left them feeling burnt out, they knew it was time to take some time off to regroup creatively. They served as each other's bridesmaids, had their first children, and then launched womenswear brand Ace + Jig in 2010.

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The  Ace + Jig brand is named after their children (Vaughan's daughter Alice's initials spell out Ace, Wilson's son James's spell Jig). Vaughan and Wilson decided to launch a children's line this summer. The cute and comfy kids' clothes will go for $60 for pants to over $100 for dresses at hip spots like Sweet William in Brooklyn. The Cut caught up with Vaughan just before the women left for India to talk friendship, motherhood, and why kids' clothes should never be fussy.

Ace + Jig Kids

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