JetBlue Child Travel Tips For Easy Flights

JetBlue travel with kids guide to a less stressful family flight with kid-friendly onboard options to keep them happily entertained from takeoff to touchdown.Turn traveling time into learning and reading time. Take advantage of the traveling experience to help your child explore new worlds, and build their language and reading skills. Before you take off, download, print and pack the free Soar with Reading Activity Kit.

JetBlue offers pre-boarding for families with children under the age of 2, so you can have adequate time to stow away the diaper bag, secure the car seat and get your kids seated comfortably on the plane. Flying on their own can be an exciting experience for a child, but a nerve-wracking one for the parent. Rest assured that JetBlue crewmembers will be there to offer guidance and assistance.

JetBlue Child Travel

Baby On Board

Baby milk and food – Baby formula, breast milk, baby food in small containers and medicines are allowed through security, but must be presented to a TSA officer at screening.

Keep kids shoes on – TSA now allows children under 12 to leave their shoes on during screening.

Teddy goes on the belt – Let your children know their favorite stuffed animal, toy, blanket and game must go through the x-ray machine (but that they’ll get it back very shortly, of course).

Strollers/car seats – If possible, strollers should be folded down. If it doesn't fit through the x-ray machine, the TSA officers will find other ways to screen it. Learn more about JetBlue’s infant baggage allowance here.

JetBlue Inflight Options For Kids

JetBlue Travel For Family

Channels for kids
With a TV at every seat, your child can choose kid-friendly programming like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network or Animal Planet from the 36 channels of free DIRECTV®.

Free snacks and juice
Kids can enjoy unlimited free snacks and drinks, including Terra Blue Chips, Linden's Chocolate Chip Cookies and Stauffer's Animal Crackers, and choose from orange, cranberry or apple juice. Need something more substantial for your child? Have them try JetBlue tasty EatUp boxes.

Inflight reading activities
Let your kids take off with reading. JetBlue offers Soar With Reading and PBS KIDS for free Reading Activities you can print out and take on your next family trip.

JetBlue Features®
On all flights longer than two hours, at least one kid age-appropriate movie at every seat.

Happy Child Travel !

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