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Unlike in the movie comedy drama The Devil Wears Prada, adaption from the novel by Lauren Weisberger published in 2003. A much kinder little posh princess is calling what is hot for when it comes to child luxury designer clothes. In the movie Meryl Streep played a very wicked powerful editor of a high fashion magazine in contrast to her co-star Anne Hathaway.

CharmPosh Spring 2013 Main

Charm founder of (Photo credit


Fast forward The Devil Wears Prada to 2013 and you have a posh but chic website portal controlling the voice of child luxury designer clothes. was named because our seven year old founder's first name is Charm and she wanted the site to reflect her namesake. After approaching her parents with the idea, they took a chance on launching the site five years ago.


The deal was that Charm even at her tender age would have to be very involved with the site. That meant deciding on what was hot or not. Her parents would play a major role helping with content engagement and her job was to call it like she saw it through her young fresh eyes.


To no surprise was wildly successful, quickly gaining fans and followers from around the globe. Today the site receives what we refer to as V.I.P email almost daily. From requests such as collaborations and sponsorships, etc. For example whenever LANVIN launches a new collection ad campaign for Lanvin Petite they directly send information to for media exposure. A huge accomplishment considering our founder turns only eight years old at the end of September in this year.


According to as of today, receives the most traffic from the keywords “child luxury designer clothes” controlling as much as 66.98% of the voice share. Review the report here.


Other top sites competing for these keywords are , , , and .


While is not a direct online retail outlet, presently we only operate as a reseller partner. Future plans are to create our own Charm Posh brand label of child luxury designer clothes and lifestyle goods. Our credibility and brand awareness has allowed the site to gain significant influence in the marketplace. Engagement:

  • USA Audience Popularity

  • Wide International Exposure

  • Organic Child Luxury Designer Clothes Reach

  • Engage, Shop, Find Source


If you would like to work with on collaborations and sponsorships please contact us directly. We offer advertising opportunities to promote on please contact us at or call 1 (404) 416 – 6009.

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