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The child luxury designer clothes business is very busy these days. Top influential leaders for this business model may not be exactly who or what you would expect them to be. However, fashion powerhouses dedicated to kids fashions know exactly who we are. I say we, because is part of a special group of influential leaders dedicated to curating kids fashion trends.

When major fashion designers decided to target luxury fashion for kids, there were no luxury magazines controlling influence like you would find in the adult world. Instead, you found these marketing savvy moms inspired by their children. Those who drive influence for kids luxury fashions serve as a luxury curator for kids, the top tasemakers in the industry.

In no special order, we introduce you to the top luxury curators for kids fashion and we start with our own story first.

Charm Posh

CharmPosh Spring 2013 MainCharm, Photo credit

Inspiration: Charm ! Born September 28, 2005

Mom: CR Cataunya Ransom

Charm is a posh princess calling what’s hot for kids fashion! She loves the media side of fashion and uses her influence to do good in the world. When fashion brands such as LANVIN have exciting photos and details to share for Lanvin Petite they call on Where, Charm herself reviews fashion collections and decides what’s hot to be featured on Charm enjoys working with charities such as UNICEF USA, to raise awareness to support their cause.


Photo credit UNICEF USA via Twitter.


A Little Muse

A Little Muse

 Tallulah Rose, Annemarie Lawless, Photocredt

Inspiration: Tallulah Rose ! Born August 4, 2007 (Shares birthday with President Obama)

Mom: Annemarie Lawless

Tallulah is a little muse that is one of kind! Fashion brands want her wearing their designs and love it most when WHO she is wearing is featured on her site . Even Jessica Alba and Ralph Lauren, know how important Tallulah is to the child luxury designer clothes business. She and her mom were invited by Alba and Ralph Lauren to attend the Ralph Lauren Girls Fashion Show 2013, held at Wolffer Estate Stables in Sagaponack in the Hamptons.

A Little Muse 2

 Tallulah Rose, Jessica Alba, Photo credit

The Glow

Featured: Ferebee Taube founder, Feyt
& kids | New York, NY

 Ferebee Taube

Ferebee Taube & Kids, Photo credit

The Glow presents a global network of inspiring and fashionable moms. Offering styling ideas, go-to gear, multitasking secrets, and enviable decor.


SmudgetikkaPhoto credit

Created by Linda McLean, a former 15 year veteran who served as Fashion Director at Junior Magazine. From fashionista to blogger for kids fashion she is available for styling, art direction or photography for children’s fashion projects.


Little Scandinavian

 Scandinavian MumScandinavian Mum, photo credit

Created by an influential Scandinavian mother inspired by her two daughters ages 8 and 11. A gateway to the world of Scandinavian kids fashion and design. Offering a website and weekly free e-mail newsletter that delivers the latest of what you need to know about Nordic children’s fashion, contemporary design and family lifestyle.

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