Cliff Diving Lily Q & A Interview Best Girl Game App

If you don’t know girl games are big…. So much that many games are intended just for girls in mind. That’s just what Cliff Diving Rush is, a fun game for everyone but designed especially for girls.

So, we caught up with Cliff Diving Lily from Cliff Diving Rush for a quick questions and answers session. There are many things that we expressly love about Cliff Diving Lily and her good fashion sense is certainly one of them. However, Cliff Diving Lily is also all about adventure and fun.

#GirlGame Cliff Diving Lily From Cliff Diving Rush Girl GamePhoto credit Cliff Diving Rush.

Q. How old is Cliff Diving Lily?

A. I am exactly,12 years old.

Q. Where do you live?

A. I live inside the game app world in Cliff Diving Rush. It’s a very cool world.

Q. How do you describe yourself?

A. That’s easy, I am a very cute fancy female girl frog. An extreme enthusiast for thrills, I am a master of cliff diving jumps.

Q. What can girls learn from Cliff Diving Lily from Cliff Diving Rush?

A. Girls can learn skills to build character and courage by guiding me on cliff diving jumps. I teach girls how to be very smart and courageous.

Q. Where can girls find Cliff Diving Rush the game app?

A. To play with me, all girls need to do is visit the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Google) type in Cliff Diving Rush….. They will see my cute face, select download it’s FREE… Start playing with me Cliff Diving Lily from Cliff Diving Rush!

Q. Are there any plans to expand all that Cliff Diving Lily from Cliff Diving Rush can do?

A. YES! Stay tuned we will be adding all sorts of cool jumping adventures making Cliff Diving Rush even more fun.

Thanks to Cliff Diving Lily from Cliff Diving Rush for giving an exclusive interview. Girls just wanna game!


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