Borrow Mini Couture Q & A How-to Rent Designer Clothes For Kids

The buzz around Borrow Mini Couture is everywhere lately…. So, who and what exactly is this Borrow Mini Couture? Well, the idea started a few years back, when co-founders Heidi and Alex Lieske were invited to a wedding with their one-year-old son, Cobb.  They wanted their baby to look dashing for the big event, but quickly found out how hard it is to dress a little one for a special occasion.  After hours of searching, they finally settled on a $300 suit (coat, pants, shirt, tie, belt) that Cobb outgrew in about a week!   Heidi and Alex knew there had to be a better way, so Borrow Mini Couture was born!

BTW, little Cobb is a kid supermodel in social media…. We love following his styles and other Borrow Mini Couture customers via .

Cobb from  Borrow Mini CouturePhoto credits Borrow Mini Couture via Instagram

How does Borrow Mini Couture work? 

Q. Who Wins?


Parents, RENT – Browse through our website to find the perfect outfit. Once you choose the right outfit, just input the size and delivery date. The outfit will arrive at your door on or before the delivery date. No, worries shipping costs is on Borrower Mini Couture, too.

Dashing Kids, WEAR – Have your little one rock the outfit. The clothing is 100% insured. Be confident in the quality and cleanliness of the clothing with a “newer than new” guarantee.

Items, RETURN – It’s simple – just put your outfit in the pre-paid return envelope that comes with the rental.  Drop it in the mailbox on or before your return date and they will take care of the rest!

So easy, better get started on your kids designer clothes rentals at !

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