Baby Room Ideas Hot Trends For 2014

Welcoming a new baby is a very exciting and joyful time. When it comes to dressing up the nursery for your little bundle of joy it should represent style and personality. Baby furniture should be designed to represent lifestyle for babies and also as they grow over the years. Keeping in mind that it is always a really good idea to select baby room ideas that can be easily enhanced as babies grow and needs change.

For 2014 baby rooms are chic and hip for trendsetting additions later on.

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Baby Room Ideas Hot Trends:

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Vintage Modern

Mixture of vintage and modern baby furniture adds some shabby chic appeal. This baby room idea goes well with almost any color scheme. Add some craft creations such as ribbons, fabric, buttons, etc. The best thing about vintage and modern is that you get to combine the old with the new for a very authentic homage of heritage and personality representation.

Wicker Addiction

Wicker baby furniture will be hotter than ever for 2014! This is one baby room idea that is everywhere right now. Wicker is so beautiful offered in new variety of colors featuring trendy baby furniture. This concept is very popular because of the organic calmness with the ability to easily mix and match wicker pieces for baby designs.

Classic Wood

Wood is royal and classy to dress up any baby room. The beauty of rich woods for baby furniture in classic cherry, mahogany, espresso, etc present traditional nursery charm. Lighter tones such as birch or honey make pretty elegant designs.

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