Valentine’s Day For Kids

Want to make your child feel warm inside this Valentine’s day? What’s trendy is lots of funny Valentine’s day cards! Nothing is as special when you make your own Valentine’s day sweets and gifts. How about some yummy homemade sweets? Try making crafts and special keepsakes!

Best Valentine’s Day craft ideas from the Queen of crafts Martha Stewart. LOVE the photo keepsake crafts and kids Valentine’s day crafts. So cute, learn how to do it yourself!

Martha Stewart Valentines Kids CraftsPhoto credit Martha Stewart

If you want a more simplified put together crafts project go on over to Paper Source and pick up their Pinwheel Valentines! These make the perfect Valentine to gift classmates. They are super easy to make and will present lots of thrills and fun. A sweet to eat treat because they are also a candy! The kit makes 28 cards.

Pinwheel ValentinesPhoto credit Paper Source

Now what’s a Valentine’s Day without some sweet treats? Well, put together some tasty treats just for kids and ideas created for small hands in mind. Kids love delicious sweet treats and transforming your home into a sweet shop will make the Valentine’s day celebration a big hit.

Valentines Day Sweet Treat 1Photo credit


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