The HENES M7 Luxury Cars For Kids

No birthday party for a child would be complete without a new HENES M7! This is the electric luxury car designed just for kids taking the world by storm. Expect to see lots of kids riding out in a new HENES M7 for their birthday…. Sweet SIX and FAB Nine will never be the same…. This car is super cute for a girl or boy.

Designed just for children as a ride on car that looks like the real thing! A luxurious electric car for children with a foundation and technology like automobiles.

We deem HENES M7 the most unique luxury toy car experience for a child on the market. 

The Collection

HENES M7 Ride On Car

  • This luxurious-looking kiddie car runs on a 12V dual DC motor.
  • The system supports quick start and stop control, electric steering and braking.
  • The leather seat offers enhanced comfort for your children.
  • Users can choose 5 stages of speed limit, 3 step of driving mode (comfort, normal, sport), and also automatic and manual driving mode.
  • Wireless remote control system for parents who have young children.
  • Each wheel has own suspension for children’s safety.
  • Ultrasonic obstacle sensors detect obstacles around, and it makes the car automatically stop when it detects a obstacle.
  • Intelligent electronic braking system provides smooth and safe stop and it also estimate driving circumstances such as rough and steep road.
  • Auto wheel alignment system always maintain straight drive.
  • M7 has own MP3 player and it also connected with steering wheel.
  • Self diagnosis system informs when a fault occurs during operation to users in order to get A/S and repair conveniently.

HENES M7 Ride On Car 2HENES WhiteHENES Kids Car CharmPoshFor more information please visit HENES Co., Ltd .

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