Best Tips For Baby’s First Flight

Want to know how-to make your baby’s first flight simple? According to Karina Corona, Baby Concierge at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit: We understand that traveling with your baby for the first time can make you a little nervous- but don’t worry!  Here are our best tips to help you and baby have the smoothest flight possible.

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Before the Flight

  • First off, be sure to check with your pediatrician to see if your baby is old enough to travel by plane. Most experts agree that travel after three months shouldn’t be an issue. But, every baby is different and it’s best to have your doctor’s approval before you even start to plan.
  • The night before your trip, get absolutely everything ready for you and your little one, including your clothes. Being extra-prepared will allow you to avoid feeling pressured and forgetting anything important.
  • Now it’s time to pack! I recommend packing at least one change of clothes for baby in your diaper bag. It’s always a smart idea to pack an extra blouse or top for yourself as well- changes in air pressure can disturb your baby’s sensitive digestive system and cause messy accidents. Finally and most importantly, pack enough formula for the flight- it’s better to have more than less. Just remember that TSA regulations won’t let you bring water bottles through security; they can be purchased near your gate. If you’re nursing, bring a comfy oversized cover-up to give you plenty of privacy.

During the Flight

  • Arrive early. Passing through security will take you a bit longer than usual. Be prepared for them to scan your diaper bag and all of its contents- especially formula, juice or breast milk.
  • Try to feed your baby or offer him/her a pacifier during takeoff. This will help your little one with the changes in air pressure, prevent his/her ears from popping and hopefully keep your baby from getting sick on the plane.
  • Relax! Enjoy the journey and try not to stress- remember, your baby is sensitive to how you’re feeling and can easily mirror your mood. You’ve done everything you can; now it’s time to just hug and pamper him/her.

Bon Voyage!

The Transportation Security Administration has information for getting through security quickly and efficiently here:

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